Children's Services

Children and Family Services Department


Our Children and Family Services Department provides unique counseling to individuals who are in need of individual and family therapy. Our staff are trained in delivering care using a system of care approach. Using this approach, the family identifies individuals they want on their "team" to help them reach their identified goals. In addition to family members and friends, the team may also include court service officers, child protection workers, school personnel or department of corrections agents. Services focus on the strengths of the child and family and can be provided in a setting of client choice: agency, home, school, or public venue. In addition to providing therapy, our clinicians serve as case managers, serving as an advocate for them in the community.

     Behaviors suggesting a need for intervention include:
     * Oppostitional behavior such as refusal to follow parental         direction
     * Isolation or withdrawal from peers and previously         enjoyed activities
     * Talking about suicide
     * Legal involvement
     * Increased and intensive explosions in anger
     * Truancy
     * Drop in school performance
     * Family conflicts

Individual and Family Therapy

Therapists in our Children & Family Service Department are able to meet the youth and family in a location that is convenient for them. Services may be provided in the home, in the school or a mutually agreed upon location. These therapists also stay connected with the other team members to ensure the needs of the youth and family are being met and that all are working toward the same goal.

Adolescent Anger Management Group

This group meets weekly and is designed to teach coping skills to adolescents who are having difficulty understanding their feelings of anger and/or aggression. The group also focuses on adolescent behavior that creates anger in other people that can lead to damaged relationships. In learning to utilize anger management skills, the adolescent will also learn to take responsibility for his/her feelings and actions, and learn to resolve interpersonal conflict in a constructive and responsible manner.

Adolescent High Risk Group

This group meets weekly and is designed for adolescents who are identified as being at risk for problem behaviors. These adolescents have difficulty relating to authority figures either at home, school or with law enforcement. The group addresses errors in thinking patterns and seeks to teach these young adults how to correct these thinking errors to make better choices. These choices include refraining from substance use and resolving interpersonal conflicts in a healthy manner.