Employment Connections/Employment Services


Community Services helps people find jobs in the community. They work closely with the local Vocational Rehabilitation office and businesses in town.

Community Services provides:

* Job class Instruction

* Vocational Counseling and Individualized Vocational Planning

* Job Shadowing

* Training Sites

* Trial Placement

* Job Development and Job Placement

* Targeted Jobs Tax Credit

* On-the-Job Training

* Follow Along Services

* Project Skills -- New Horizons also provides Project Skills, a job program for students with disabilities. Project Skills allows students with disabilities to experience at least one part-time job site per year. Minumum wage is paid for the hours worked. New Horizons also provides job class for students.

We have so many success stories and examples of the benefits available to employers when they hire people with disabilities. Please click here to read more about it!

For more information on hiring persons with disabilities, contact Deb Krueger debk@humanserviceagency.org