Outpatient Mental Health


We have a number of highly qualified mental health professionals on staff who offer a wide range of services. Scroll down the page to see a listing of our services and click here to view our staff.


Psychological Testing & Evaluations 

The psychologists in our Behavioral Health Department are available to administer a variety of professional psychological tests that are designed to assist individuals in better understanding the exact nature of psychological issues and disorders. Clinicians also use these test results to better ascertain an individual's diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. Examples of psychological tests commonly administered include: intelligence tests, personality inventories, neuropsychological and memory tests and tests that assess dementia or childhood disorders or developmental delays. After a client takes a psychological test, a licensed psychologist will conduct a clinical interview with the client to gain any pertinent collateral information. The psychologist will then interpret the data and formulate results and develop a plan for treatment. In addition to utilizing HSA psychological services to better understand a client's need for treatment, these tests are also administered to help clients in legal situations or those seeking disability benefits.

Individual Counseling

Psychologists, clinical social workers and mental health therapists provide confidential individual therapy. This service is for individuals experiencing emotional distress, difficulties in coping with personal situations or for those who wish to better understand themselves and grow personally.

Marriage and Family Counseling                                    

Marital and relationship counseling is available through our Behavioral Health Department. This service provides assistance in helping couples and families solve interpersonal conflicts and improve communication. Family counseling is available either at the Human Service Agency or in the home of the client.

Domestic Violence Group

A licensed social worker in our Behavioral Health Department has been trained in the Duluth model to assist individuals who have demonstrated difficulty controlling their anger. This model seeks to eliminate domestic violence through written procedures, policies, and protocols governing intervention and prosecution of criminal domestic assault cases. This group meets weekly for 26 weeks and is court approved for anyone who has been ordered by the court to take an anger management program.

Psychiatric Evaluations & Medication Management

The Human Service Agency employs a midlevel practitioner and contracts with a board certified Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Psychiatric evaluations involve a one-on-one clinical interview with a psychiatric mid-level practitioner for the purpose of determining the need for psychotropic medication. Recommendations to therapy or other community resources are often made by the psychiatric staff to help clients reach their ultimate potential for a healthy, happy life. After the evaluation, clients return for medication management sessions to evaluate medication effectiveness and make necessary changes. A Psychiatric Nurse is also available for clients who need to call HSA with any medication questions or request of refills.