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Boy Scouts of America Northstar District

For more information, contact your elementary school to locate a Watertown unit.

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Boystown Common Sense Parenting Program

801 Jenson Ave SE/10th Ave SE

This 6 week program offers parents of 3-17 year olds an opportunity to enhance their parenting skills. Classes are held at the Beacon Center.These classes are free of charge and no referral is needed. Call or email for next starting date/time.

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Codington County Youth Diversion

1000 3rd Ave NE, PO Box 833


This program is designed to impose consequences upon youth who violate the law, while at the same time allowing them to avoid the stigma, pressure and anxiety of formal prosecution.? This program relies on adults and student volunteers in order to operate.

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Girl Scouts - Dakota Horizons

1101 S Marion Rd (District Office) Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Girl Scouts is a volunteer run organization. Girls participate in troop meetings and citywide events. Contact your school to help locate a Watertown troop.

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Strengthening Families Program

(families with 10 - 14 year olds)
Jodi Leohrer

This 7 week program helps parents learn nurturing skills that support their children; effectively discipline and guide their youth. It teaches youth skills for dealing with stress and peer pressure and to respect their parents. Fall and Spring sessions. Meal and childcare is provided each week the program meets.

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Teen Police Academy

Watertown Police Dept.
Kirk Ellis

This is an interactive program that focuses on education young people about the police department's mission, function, and processes. It bring officers and youth close together in a setting that offer a sample of police training to each participant. This provides hand-on activities, along with classroom instruction. Includes a behind-the-sences tour of the department. There are no cost to attend. It is held in the afternoon for a week during the month of June. Application are available at the Police Department or on the website.

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Understanding Me Up to Age Three Responsive Parenting


Understanding Me Up to Age Three is a series of 4 weekly classes for parents of children ages birth to three years and is offered quarterly in Watertown.

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Watertown Police Dept Explorer Program

128 N Maple St
Kirk Ellis

Explorers are a dedicated group of young adults (14 - 20) who have an interest in pursuing a law enforcement career. These young adults become involved in many department activities and assist our officeers in many different aspects of their job, icluding but not limited to, fingerprinting, ride-a-longs, and traffic control.