We Have the People for Your Jobs!

To remain competitive, employers are looking beyond the traditional labor sources to access skilled, qualified candidates.

At New Horizons, many individuals receiving our services are capable of working in the community in various positions. In any community there are people who may put labels on others; whether they have disabilities or not. We have had the opportunity of working with people who can look past these labels and give the individuals we serve at New Horizons a chance to be included in the community through employment.

We have a number of people supported by New Horizons employed in factories, restaurants, grocery stores and livestock areas in the community. Some of the people who receive our services have great work ethics, have been with employers for 14 years or more, are dependable, have great attitudes, and are less likely to call in sick. Most of all they want to work and are not just there to get a paycheck!

Facts for Employers

  • People with disabilities have equal or higher job performance rates, higher retention rates and lower absenteeism than people without disabilities.
  • According to a National Survey of Consumer Attitudes towards Companies that Hire People with Disabilities, 92% of the American public view companies that hire people with disabilities more favorably than those that do not. And, 87% of the public would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.
  • People with disabilities are experienced problem-solvers with a proven ability to adapt. They bring unique perspectives and experiences to the workplace.
  • Job accommodations for people with disabilities are usually low cost or no cost.
  • A recent study conducted by the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) revealed that 56% of workplace accommodations cost absolutely nothing. Of those accommodations that did have a cost, the typical one-time expenditure by employers was $600.

Tax Incentives for Employers

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit — up to $2,400 per year
  • Small Business Tax Credit — up to $5,000
  • Tax Deduction to Remove Architectural and Transportation Barriers to People with Disabilities and Elderly Individuals — up to $15,000 per year
  • Disabled Access Credit — encourages small businesses to comply with the ADA. This credit is available to eligible small businesses and is equal to 50% of the eligible access expenditures which do exceed $250 but do not exceed $10,000, for a maximum credit of $5,000 a year

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